Publication – International Journal of Islamic Architecture (3.2)

On behalf of the staff of the International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA), I would like to announce the publication of the special issue on mobility and Islamic architecture (Vol.3, Issue 2). This is the sixth of a bi-annually published peer-reviewed journal on architecture, urban design, planning, and landscape architecture. IJIA aims to encourage dialogue between practitioners and scholars and enhance appreciation for the urban heritage in the region and pioneering design work. The journal is committed to inviting new research on understudied topics and reaching out to a broad international readership.

This volume contains an editorial essay by the guest editor, Dr. Christiane Gruber, book and exhibition reviews, conference précis, and articles that treat the role of mobility in Shi‘i shrines in India, the Hijaz Railway as carrier of sacred space; the portable embodiment of power in Ottoman tents; the transfer of ideas in the Khedival architecture of Egypt; large-scale depictions of Safavid tile decorations in the Victoria and Albert Museum; Shangri La as the site of Doris Duke’s engagement with Islamic art; and the present-day production of appliqué tent fabrics in Cairo.

The sixth issue of the IJIA is available in print and online. Please click on the link below to preview the sixth issue abstracts: