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Dr Laura Zahra McDonald

Institutional Affiliation Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Birmingham
Profile UpdatedMarch 27, 2008;

Qualifications and Educational History

2006: PhD Women’s Studies, University of York 'Islamic Feminisms: Ideas and Experiences of convert women in Britain'

2002: MA (Hons) Social Anthropology 1:1, University of St Andrews 'Dress and Identities of British Muslim Women of Pakistani origin'

Current Research Interests

Islam and feminism, Muslim women's activism in UK, conversion to Islam, ethnicity & identity politics, discourses of counter-terrorism and radicalisation

Publications (Books/Chapters/Journal Papers)

McDonald, LZ. 2008. British Converts to Islam and the Construction of Identity in Allen, C. (ed.) 2008 ‘Muslim Diversities’. Palgrave

McDonald, LZ. 2008. Hijab: between discourse & reality chapter in H Afshar & M Maynard (ed.s) 2008

McDonald, LZ. 2008. Islamic Feminism – A Review Essay. Feminist Theory Journal 2008

McDonald, LZ. 2008. Extended Book Review Minorities and Identities. Sociology Journal 2008

McDonald, LZ. 2006. Book Review: The Production of the Muslim Woman: Negotiating Text, History, and Ideology,’ Feminist Theory Journal’, Dec. 2006 Vol.7: 362-364

Recent Conference Presentations

Feminism & Islam: ideas & activism, Post-Graduate Seminar Series in Islamic Studies, University of Birmingham 11/3/08

Conversion, identity & social activism: making space for British Islam, Conference: The Future of Islam in Britain, New Muslims Perspective University of Birmingham 4/3/08

British Muslims & Shariah Law: Islamic ideals in a secular reality, Shariah in the UK Symposium, University of Birmingham 25/4/07

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