MBRN Committee Elections 2017

MBRN Committee, 2017-2020

Dear MBRN Members,

The current MBRN committee is approaching the end of its three-year term in office. On 29th March, at the University of Leeds, the Muslims in Britain Research Network will hold our General Assembly to ratify the election of a new committee. We are looking over the coming months to elect a new committee that will bring creativity and energy to their roles, over a three-year term, in order to ensure the continued success and development of the network.

We are therefore now officially opening the process of nominations to any of the five MBRN committee positions. These are:
– Chair
– General Secretary
– Three general members
Self-nomination, or nomination of another MBRN member, are both accepted. Nominations should be made in writing to the MBRN General Secretary, Carl Morris (CJMorris2[at]uclan.ac.uk).

In the event of a contested committee position an election will be held via secret email ballot to determine who will take up that position.

If you are on the MBRN mailing list, then you are an MBRN member and eligible to nominate and/or be nominated, as well as vote in any future election.

More information about the MBRN constitution can be found here.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 3rd February.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the work of the committee please feel free to contact Carl (CJMorris2[at]uclan.ac.uk) with your queries. If you would like to discuss the varied roles and activities of the general members of the committee, then you can contact Chris Moses (cjjm3[at]cam.ac.uk) and Mobeen Butt (mobeen[at]asianyouthalliance.co.uk).

Supporting information about the MBRN, the committee and individual roles and responsibilities can be found below.

With good wishes, the MBRN Committee

About the MBRN Committee

The central work of the MBRN committee is to manage the affairs, finances and organisation of the network, as well as to promote the study of Islam and Muslims in Britain. At the forefront of this work is the bringing together of researchers, professionals, students and practitioners to share ideas and disseminate research. The MBRN committee does this through maintaining the MBRN mailing-list and website, keeping a proactive online social media presence and delivering, through collaboration with partner institutes, two face-to-face events a year (one larger conference and one more focused event).

Over the last three years the MBRN committee has in particular attempted to engage collaboratively with practitioners outside of academe. This has enabled a series of successful events – on topics as diverse as peace, poverty and leadership – that have been enriched by a plurality of voices and perspectives.

The online presence of the MBRN has also developed over this period, with the launch of a new website, a growing social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and plans to develop an online publishing space for topical articles and conversational blogs.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

MBRN Chair
– Ensures the efficient conduct of MBRN business
– Ensures the efficient conduct of executive committee meetings
– Acts as the official representative of the network (e.g., on the BRAIS council via remote and physical meetings)
– Produces an oral or written report at each meeting of the General Assembly

General Secretary
– Acts as the administrative head of the network
– Keeps members up to date about MBRN business
– Maintains databases of members (including the discussion list database)
– The first point of contact for the network both externally and internally
– Produces an oral or written report at each meeting of the General Assembly

General Members (Three Positions)
– Roles and responsibilities delegated depending on MBRN business
– Supporting role to help manage MBRN online activity (website/social media)
– Work with the Chair and General Secretary to organise bi-annual MBRN events
– Opportunities to develop new streams of work