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The Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN) was established to encourage and promote the study of Muslims and Islam in Britain. It brings together academics, students, professionals, researchers, journalists and practitioners.

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The MBRN mailing list exists so that members may share their recent research and activities, ask questions about research issues, put ideas forward for evaluation, and participate in discussions.

To join the mailing list, please visit the MBRN Yahoo Group page and click on the Join This Group! button. Please make sure to include a short statement about yourself in order to establish eligibility to join the Network.

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Keep up to date with news, links, event announcements and more through the
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Latest News
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. REGISTER HERE: https://muslimartconference2017.eventbrite.co.uk
Exploring Contemporary Muslim Art, Culture & Heritage in Britain
See here for more information

New Executive Committee Message:
As the new Committee Members have begun to familiarise themselves with MBRN’s operations, we have started to consider ways in which we would like MBRN to develop in the coming years. However, as the Executive Committee exists to serve MBRN members, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you all how you think the network should develop. We would welcome any feedback you have on the network and any ideas for developing MBRN’s work. These can be sent to muslimsinbritainrn@gmail.com or the MBRN mailing-list for public consideration.

We have identified the following as priorities for the development of the network:
• To extend the website’s functionality so that it hosts blogs by members, provides resources for those researching and/or considering a career in the study of Muslim Britain, and acts as a platform to publicise recent research and publications.
• To extend MBRN’s contacts within local and national media, including the development of website-based guidance for people looking to access experts on Muslim Britain.
• To provide a lasting record of MBRN events by producing audio, video or written records of proceedings.
• To provide greater opportunities for early career support by the creation of a sub-network of early career scholars and events aimed at post-graduate students.
• To continue to extend MBRN’s reach and impact within and beyond the academy.

We are also actively seeking volunteers, of any career stage, to assist build the capacity of MBRN. This could involve working on specific projects, helping organise events, administering the website and social media platforms or just advising the committee. If you are interested in offering assistance, or if you would like to host an MBRN meeting at your institution, please get in contact.